Is cpu is compatiable with any computer

Two CPUs are said to be NOT COMPATIBLE because these CPUs are different. Please list at least two possible differences that make CPUs NOT COMPATIBLE.
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  1. Socket pin count
    Socket pin arrangement
    Socket type (lands or pins)
    Power requirements
    Chipset support
    Bios support

    That should cover most of it
  2. If you have an Intel MB and an AMD cpu they are not compatable.
    If you have an AMD MB and an Intel cpu they are not compatable.
    A MB has a list of supported cpu's either Intel or AMD and if a cpu that has the same pin count as the socket on the motherboard may not be compatable because it's not on the list of supported cpu's.
  3. Inzone some older motherboard supported both amd and intel cpu's.

    Socket 5 and 7 if I remember right....

    There is technically nothing stopping either company from either using the others pin arrangement, however most major motherboard chipset manufacturers have agreements in place to prevent them from building a controller that will accept the other cpu makers processor on the same chipset.
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