Which is better for gaming

toshiba qosmio f750 nvidia 540 gt
samsung 1st generation i7 and 650 gt nvidia
hp 2nd generation i7 and nvidia 630 gt
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  1. These are laptops? What 1st generation and what 2nd generation are you refering to. Not much information to go on. The one with the better video card would be the better one for gaming.
  2. the one with the 650 gt would give you the best performance in games. The CPU doesn't matter much.
  3. Generally for laptops you'll want to go with the one that has the more powerful GPU. That's assuming the CPU is not woefully slow like pairing up an AMD E-450 and a nVidia GT 650m, but no way in hell is a company going to be stupid enough to offer a laptop like that.

    In basic performance terms the GT 540m and GT 630m are more or less equal in performance. The GT 650m is basically the equivalent (or slightly faster) to the GT 560m.

    If you are trying to decide between a fast quad core CPU and somewhat slow GPU compared to a dual core CPU and a faster GPU, then the latter choice will give you better gaming performance.
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