AMD Radeon 6950 and i5 HD graphics problem

I currently just built a PC with a AMD Radeon 6950 and an ASUS P8z68-v LX and an i5 2500k processor, but when I look in my device manager it says that it only identifies the i5 HD graphics family, so I currently am running mediocre graphics in almost all of my applications.

So if anyone could help me with this problem that would be amazing. Also I have downloaded all the drivers for both my graphics card and my mother board.
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  1. Hi,
    Uninstall intel graphic driver if you install it. Did you also check through screen resolution?
  2. also check to make sure you are disabling the onboard in bios and enabling the pcie device as primary output
  3. Are you sure you are booting through the card and plug the monitor cable to the card not the motherboard? Are you sure that in the BIOS graphics settings are in PCI-E instead of integrated or something else? Have you tried uninstalling the integrated card's driver through the safe mode and install only the AMD driver?
  4. Lucid Virtu Drivers is the way to go.
    You need it to make possible the management of the iGPU and the dGPU.
    These drivers comes with the motherboard drivers CD

    Do not uninstall the intel graphics drivers, could deliver you to system instability
  5. Hey guys thanks for the replies, but sadly nothing worked. I find it frustrating though that there is no trace of my graphics card whatsoever. I disabled the internal intel graphics card then reinstalled the independent one, but still nothing. And I made sure that i had my monitor cables connected to the independent graphics card but whenever I do that the monitor doesn't even display a picture.
  6. Is the power plugged into the card itself?
  7. Yeah the card itself is powered up fans are running everything, dunno why it isn't showing up in general.
  8. Is it seated all the way in?
  9. Yeah I had reseated it twice and it is seated properly.
  10. open the BIOS and set the graphics option to PCI-E (I said this before, but you don't tell me what happens after, which maybe means that you don't try that yet?).
  11. I tried that and still nothing.
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