Low FPS in starcraft 2 with decent system :((

Hi guys, My first post but here it goes..
Playing starcraft 2...
I am getting 30 to 20 to 15 fps at the start of the game and it stays that way for the duration.

AMD Phenom II quad core
ASUS Motherboard
4gb gskill ripjaw ddr3
AMD xfx R6570 graphics card
Win XP 32 bit

I am connected via vga, I have a converter to connect it to either HDMI or some other port that I don't really know anything about

otherwise the game looks great.
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  1. Well, honestly, the 6570 isn't that great. Even though SC2 isn't THAT demanding of a game, it'll still push a 6570 pretty hard at higher resolutions and quality settings.
  2. ok, but this graphics card is good enough to run the game at medium settings at least, i think according to the guy at best buy who really seemed to know his stuff...
    but, my settings are medium and a bunch of them are at the lowest possible settings... and it's still having problems.
  3. Which Phenom II X4 is it?
  4. 3.0 H i'm getting 2.95... I have been having fps issues since the begging anddd I had a GTX 460 in it before with the same problemm... can't figure it out!
  5. kyleharr10 said:
    3.0 H i'm getting 2.95

    I don't quite understand what you mean by that. Speed?

    Either way, I have a feeling it's a combination of a weak-er CPU and weak GPU.

    You can try uninstalling the graphics drivers and reinstalling the newest non-beta's to see if that helps.
  6. apparently you understand perfectly.
    yea i just installed newest drivers so that's not it
  7. kyleharr10 said:
    apparently you understand perfectly.
    yea i just installed newest drivers so that's not it

    Hmm. I don't really know then. It should have done very well with the 460, honestly. I wouldn't expect the 6570 to do very well, like I said, but a 460 should have at least given you 30 FPS minimum at a decent res and quality setting, even with a PII X4 940 (what I believe your CPU is). That's not a terrible CPU at all.
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    460 should be able to play on max. the 6570 should be no problem at medium. You should do a clean reinstall of drivers by using driver sweeper to clean off all previous graphic related drivers and files.

    then install the drivers from AMD's website.
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