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Hey guys,

I built my computer a few years ago. It's been just fine for quite a while but I decided to upgrade a few components including a motherboard and gpu. After I installed all my new parts I first experienced some grounding with my motherboard but I installed some extra mounts and got it cleanly off the case. Then after I got everything sorted out well enough and got my computer running without any grounding I started experiencing grounding from my gpu. Right now I don't have the gpu screwed down in the slot which is preventing any grounding for the most part, but when I plug an HDMI cable into my card or wiggle the DVI too much it still grounds out. I'm using a GTX 460. Has anyone experienced this problem before? What can I do to fix it?
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  1. the gpu is grounded by the power connection from the PSU, those black wires.

    i would suspect a problem with your cable if "wiggling" it is an issue.
  2. Please list your components. Include the case also. You should not need extra stand-offs. You do need to use one for every hole in the MB. They need to be tightened snug all the way down but not so tight to damage the MB. Is the MB properly seated at the I/O shield?
  3. did you put the back plate correctly in the case the video external parts of the cable could be making contact with the plate and cause short
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