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I'm probably the only forum poster who doesn't know .....

I've been receiving emails from Tom's Hdw (TH) that say there are new answers to the postings I have in the TH Forums. But when I click in the emails and I'm taken to my postings, there are no new replies. For example, I received 2 emails today for one of my posts, but when the link took me to my post, the most current entry in the post was one of my own from back on 2/6/2012. Why am I receiving these emails if there are not new replies?
For both my current forum posts, I don't think I ever received a "best answer", but I would like to "end" both of them. Is there a way to do that?

Here is an example of one of the 4 emails from TH I received this morning:

Hello ,
your thread "Bios upgrade for M2N78-LA (Violet) MOBO" has received some answers. We invite you to review these, and select the best one as your “Best Answer” (click on the gold cup above it).
Click here to review the answers to your question:
Selecting a "Best Answer" will help the community to easily spot answers to similar issues or questions.
Thank you for contributing the Tom's Hardware community
The Tom's Hardware community team
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  1. You can contact any of the moderators with a PM and ask them to close your thread without selecting best answer.
  2. The email is there to remind you to select a best answer (you select a BA for the reply you receive).
  3. Pyree is correct. That specific thread generated an email to see if your question had been answered, and remind you about the best answer feature.

    As for any other threads generating emails, if there are no new posts, then it was likely triggered by spam, that has since been removed.
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