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Hello Guys,

I need new router for my home. Currently I have the following :

- I am using a Linksys WRT54G Router (Ver 7)
- There is a desktop and a few laptops
- Laptops are connected by wifi
- Desktop is connected thru a lan cable
- A printer is there which was connected thru a belkin printserver

I need a new router because :

- I need a bandwidth monitor so that I can track how much data transfer is taking place. So if a router does this job then its easier as I don't have to monitor individual systems. (My internet plan has a data download limit).
- Though thirdparty firmware or software exists for such routers, but I can't install in mine because of low ram or so. I checked that.
- I have a printer and I want each machine to access it. So I have bought a belkin print server which connects to my router and each system could then independantly access the printer. But for last few days its not working. I think belkin print sever is old and now not working properly.

What do I need ?

- A wireless router which can enable wifi devices to connect to network plus one wired system.
- Is able to track how much data transfer has taken place between a period of time.
- Not important but if it support a printer then its a bonus.

Can you guys suggest me something on these lines ?

Thanks a lot,

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  1. Emerald said:

    Thanks buddy, these routers seem great. The only thing is buying them and putting third party firmware so that bandwidth monitoring works is something that worries me. I wish that was a router which had this inbuilt. What should I do ?
  2. how is Asus WL 520GU ? Its cheap, supports printing and dd wrt firmware can be installed.
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