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Suggest me a new router

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April 22, 2011 3:47:09 PM

Hello Guys,

I need new router for my home. Currently I have the following :

- I am using a Linksys WRT54G Router (Ver 7)
- There is a desktop and a few laptops
- Laptops are connected by wifi
- Desktop is connected thru a lan cable
- A printer is there which was connected thru a belkin printserver

I need a new router because :

- I need a bandwidth monitor so that I can track how much data transfer is taking place. So if a router does this job then its easier as I don't have to monitor individual systems. (My internet plan has a data download limit).
- Though thirdparty firmware or software exists for such routers, but I can't install in mine because of low ram or so. I checked that.
- I have a printer and I want each machine to access it. So I have bought a belkin print server which connects to my router and each system could then independantly access the printer. But for last few days its not working. I think belkin print sever is old and now not working properly.

What do I need ?

- A wireless router which can enable wifi devices to connect to network plus one wired system.
- Is able to track how much data transfer has taken place between a period of time.
- Not important but if it support a printer then its a bonus.

Can you guys suggest me something on these lines ?

Thanks a lot,


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April 23, 2011 4:16:29 AM

Emerald said:
all these routers come with a USB print server or USB NAS connection and can be upgraded by 3rd party firmware found here

however I am not sure if that will allow you to monitor usage.

Thanks buddy, these routers seem great. The only thing is buying them and putting third party firmware so that bandwidth monitoring works is something that worries me. I wish that was a router which had this inbuilt. What should I do ?