Best budget CPU for diskless server

Hi Everyone, I am not a techy, and I prefer AMD, purely because I cannot see how Intel can justify their costs, compared to AMD.

I am presently building a Desktop server, for hopefully 10 diskless clients max, these clients will be running mostly office products on a virtual desktop, , not sure which one yet, and as iCafe clients, part-time, so my question is, if anyone can help, with sensible answers please, ??

Here is my budget plan,

Cooler Master GX 750watts (i like the warranty, 5 years)
Lian Li PC A04 with four 120mm Fans, not three. (already bought)
2x WD 750GB Caviar Black (already bought)
Corsair Force Series 3 60GB SATA 3 6Gb/s Solid State Drive.
Antec KÜHLER H₂O 620 CPU Cooler
GSKILL ARES 16GB DDR3 1600mhz Cl10 (2x8gb) cl10 Low Profile F3-1600C10D-1

CPU, ??? Needs to be a budget AMD, but fast and reliable, ???

Inno3D GTX550 Ti 2gb ddr5 192bit hdmi (For personal Moderate Gaming)

Any advise or critsims would be appreciated, thank you.
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  1. 2 gb on a 550 ti is really not needed, might want to choose something else.

    but I'd just recommend a athlon II x4 640 that would be the minimal you'd want to go. If you can find them, the phenom II x6s are good for what you'd need probably.
  2. Hi thanks, i can get a brand new athlon x3 455 330ghz, and hope to unlock the 3rd core, any good, ? if not a phenom x4 BE is not a problem.

    Any recommendations on the Graphics card, ?? I have been told that the GT 440 is okay, i am not a heavy gamer, and not interested in competing for frame rates, hehehe,
  3. I would recommend the 7750 since its very low power and generally good priced online at least. They should give you the performance of the 550 ti but at about half the power consumption. If you want a bit more power the 7770 is a good card which also has low power consumption.
  4. Thanks, I am looking into the phenom II x6 at the present, the 1090T BE, I am keen to play BF3, I have the disk, but my laptop is only dx9. Here in the philippines, the 6850 is cheaper than the 7750 or 7770, should be able to play BF3 on medium settings, ??
  5. yes the 6850 should be good for medium settings.
  6. Might be a change of plan, how about the,

    Asrock Z68M/USB3 &
    Intel Pentium G630

    I know this is a low end processor, but it will be upgraded to the i5 3570k as soon as funds are available, is it definitely socket 1155, the same as the 3570k, ??

    Also is this processor over clockable to 3.2ghz, with the Z68M Boardm that figure just looks good to me, ??

    And can I please ask how this processor, G630, compares to AMD, ??

    Thanks again guys, and special thanks to ersever.

    Thank you
  7. the g630 won't OC and will definately not be enough. Its just a dual core and your server is going to be split very far. Even the i5 will probably be slower than the phenom II x6s because the many clients your server will service will use the 6 cores of the phenom. I don't think its worth using the g630 which will be only half as fast as an athlon or pentium quad core.
  8. Bad power supply.
  9. Have bought a Phenom II x4 965 BE and an asus M5A88-M board, can you advise me if there is any un-lockable cores on this processor, ?? If yes, will they be beneficial to be un-locked, ?? If no my plan is to wait and see what AMD release next, with 8 cores, does anybody know, ??
  10. hell the phenom 4x black box`s are almost cheaper then a bottle of water at the moment
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