3 Pin Fan Split Adapters..

Iam not 100% sure if this question belongs here .

so i have a h100 on a cm 690 II advanced nvidia case , on the bottom ..

as it is reallly hard to fit it in the top with just push configuration , with an asus sabertooth mobo on .

so i put the push and pull and smashed them up beautifully on the bottom of the case ..

the problem now is , the fans i need them connected all the way upto the h100 mainframe.

i could connect them for direct voltage and get max performance, but the h100 at lowest profile itself keeps my processor cool and so i want those fans to be quiet and running in sync with the mainframe of h100.

now back to the question ..can i have 2 fans connected to a split 3 pin adapter and then take the adapter wire and plug it in to the mainframe? ..., will there be any kind of low voltage problems resulting in fan running slower?...and not working properly ?.

1. i dont want 4 different wires added to the mess
2. the pull fans on the bottom of the radiator have very short wires

and finally i need some suggestion for airflow

basically the CPU is watercooled , and its a sabertooth MOBO so not much problem there. main concren is the graphics card.
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  1. no, it will just have to supply twice the power which shouldn't really be an issue
  2. Your airflow wants to come in through the front, normally at the bottom. Then fans near the top of the computer should exhaust hot air. The rest of the fans inside should just follow the flow, not diverting it majorly or trying to push aganst it.
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