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hi guys! im planning to assemble a new pc, mainly for video conversion/editing and gaming. my super old pc cant even play 720p movie files, it takes 10 hours to convert an hour and half 720p avi movie to m4p and transferring a 3GB file to usb takes an hour. now i did my research and decided that i would go with i5 2400 intel processor. guys i need your help on picking the right MOBO, i want the one with usb 3.0 for faster file transfer and hdmi so that i can plug it into my bravia. $100 is my max budget for mobo.

also, i wanna play some games on my pc, i have a ps3 and xbox 360 and im pretty satisfied with the graphics. now i've seen the prices of high end gpu's and its way too expensive for a high school student like me, can you guys suggest a CHEAP gpu that is slightly better than xbox 360's and ps3's graphics.

thank you very much guys!
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    39 motherboards with socket 1155 for your processor from 75 - 100 dollars ASrock motherboard with 2 3.0 usb ports. There are no HDMI ports on a motherboard you have to find a GPU with them.

    For the GPU: You didn't told what your budget is but for like 150 bucks you can get a ATI Radeon HD6850. Its a good card you can play almost everything on medium-high settings.
  2. use a motherboard with a Z68 chipset .

    You will want to use a feature called "quick sync"
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