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Okay basically I have a G70-120EM HP laptop with an Nvidia 9200 graphics card..

Recently bought Star Wars: The Old Republic and my laptop doesn't quite cut it.
I'm investigating a which avenues I can take to either improve my current laptop or buy a desktop/laptop.. the cheaper the better.

So I hear you CAN upgrade graphics cards in some laptops, although it is hard to do. I'm confident if I could find the correct graphics card I could install it, but I'm having trouble finding which graphics card may fit, or how much a new one may cost.

Could anyone make any suggestions?

Thanks for your time.
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  1. I don't think that they made such low performance GPUs upgradable, I think it is mostly the reserve of higher performing parts.

    check out

    MXM is the laptop standard graphics port, they have a store selling various GPUs that start at around 200 euros for a 4670 and up to 500 euros for a GTX280 for the older port standards that you would have if you have a removable gpu.

    The newest standard actually offer 6970's for 200 euros as I guess they are in greater supply.

    However, I am skeptical that you have a removable gpu.
  2. Well you actually can upgrade but ridiculously hard if you don't have the features of laptop replaceable graphics (which you likely not have). I don't recommend it still.

    Another option is ViDock, when you have something called 34mm PCI expansion card slot on your laptop, you pluck in ViDock, which basically convert that slot into a PCI-E x16 slot. But the problem is that it's an expensive set up and the money that you paid for buying it plus the money that you get for selling your laptop you can use it to buy more powerful laptop or build a gaming desktop rig. However if you are interested in one of them, you can check out their website:

    Here is some good laptop below $1000 if you are looking for some replacement: (out of stock, but when stocked it should be a great deal)
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