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Hello, im looking at bestbuy website about GeForce GTX 560 Ti, now there is msi, asus , evga, nvidia versions of it all with different prices,. im wondering what are the difference and which ones you prefer, thanlks
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  1. There is no difference between the hardware one 560ti is the same as any other they are all same but what you want to factor in to your purchase to help you choose is which one is cheapest, Warranty, cooling, style, etc msi twin frozer II and III is the best for cooling and asus is a very close 2nd with there own DirectCU II cooler. Msi Twin Frozer card looks the best to me but you can go with any 560ti card and be just as happy with it so long as the sound of the cooler is not annoying to you peace hope this helps.
  2. 560 ti twin frozr II, i use and approve.

    Fast and quiet.
  3. There actually is a difference in hardware, not the gpu itself but the cards they are on. Some have custom pcbs, better vrm, caps, chokes, etc. As the others have said the asus directcu or msi twin frozr are the top ones. But you also can't count out evga for their lifetime warranty and sometimes found at a lower price if it's the reference design/cooler. Unless you want to run really cool and oc, the lowest price should be fine. Just make sure it's the ti version and not the non ti.
  4. true dat. I Use the GTX 560 ti DCII and highly recommend it
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