Will Asetek 550LC work with 3930k

So about a year and a half ago I bought a system from ibuypower with an i7-950 CPU and an Asetek 550LC heatsink. I spilt some beer onto the system and fried a bunch of parts, including the motherboard. I bought a Rampage IV Extreme to replace the last motherboard and upgraded to the i7-3930k CPU. The shop I took it too to install all the parts has told me that the Asetek 550LC is working with the 3930k, but when I checked the Asetek website the LGA 2011 socket was not listed on the compatibility list. My question is basically, will the Asetek 550LC work with the 3930k SAFLEY? Not talking about OC'ing at all. I will get a new heatsink if I decide to overclock. Just want to make sure this will work okay. This computer shop is saying that it will.
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  1. Yeah the X-Socket allows the LGA2011 to use LGA1366 coolers. The X-Socket may not be available on all motherboards but it is present on the RIVE
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