Intel G630 vs AMD processors

Hi was just wondering how the Intel G630 compares to AMD processors, what would the equivalent AMD processor be, ??

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Athlon x2 250, give or take. I would take something like the 3870K or 5800K when its released for an everyday basic internet system. The price of the G530 looks great but its a gimped dual core. I'd take a quad core and not upgrade after a year.
  2. The g630 is comparable to an athlon x3. In general the x3 will be much faster in anything that can use 3 cores and the g630 will be slightly faster in things that only use 2 cores.
  3. So the athlon ii x3 would be the best choice and see if the 4th core will un-lock, ?? The price difference here, for new, is very slight.
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    yes that is probably the best choice.
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