Bottleneck or no?

i was wandering if i was getting my best performance out of my gpu(of course if you read my post yesterday -___- you would know i dropped my processor and ben the pins)because i think i may be bottlenecking.

processor: AMD phenom II x4 945

graphics card: geforce gtx 560 ti
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  1. You will always get the best performance out of whatever components you have in your PC. It is possible to have situations where gameplay is CPU bound or GPU bound but a CPU will not slow down a GPU or vice versa.
  2. No, I dont think you have any bottlenecking with that combination of processor and GPU. So you dropped your processor and bent some pins and it still works?
  3. no V.V hahah sat in the same spot for like two days trying to bend pins back but im afraid it is to the point of not being restored. I'm buying a new one soon though.
  4. Haha, well that always sucks, I was going to be super impressed if you actually got that processor to work again.
  5. hello, No you dont have bottleneck i have a core i3 with a gtx 560SE and runs perfects so with a phenom x4 that is better than i3 will be run perfectly sorry for my bad english
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