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I am looking into getting a setup for passive 3D on a linux system. I currently am using a Quadro FX 1400, with active shutter glasses for my 3D. I was looking at the possibility of getting a passive 3D setup with a Zalman ZM-M240W monitor.

I was curious what card would be best for this(either GeForce or Quadro, as long as it works for my Linux setup), along with any things I should know for getting it going smoothly.

Thank you.
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  1. Hey, Quadro cards are for pro apps(as you know), for this reason it fully uses its performance in Open GL(most such apps are OpenGL), when Geforce cards only use its performance in Direct 3d. That means, that quadros may work better for Linux than geforce with approximately same price.

    But, don't know about passive 3d
  2. Just to further flesh out the scenario, I am using this setup for protein modeling. For what I am using the Quadro has been the better choice, plus I like the quad buffer option. But I would like to get more information on this, and have not found as much as I would like on my own searching.

    Thank you.
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