Is Noctua NH-D14 compatible with i7-3930K?

I thought it should be compatible with 3930K.......

But when I checked the specification of NH-D14, it doesn't show it is compatible with LGA 2011

Any idea?

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  1. It won't be compatible as is but I think if you buy one, contact Noctua and they should be able to send you a socket 2011 bracket. Perhaps contact them beforehand just to be sure.
  2. Here ya go... out of stock currently
    specifically for socket 2011
  3. He is presumably based in the UK, judging by the Ebuyer link.
  4. model number will still be the same
  5. Thanks guys..

    if NH-D14 is not available,
    what will be the best choice?
    Phanteks PH-TC14PE or Zalman CNPS12X?

    This one is good, probably a couple of degrees hotter than the Noctua but a tad quieter and a lot cheaper.
  7. yea if noise discipline is a concern, a few extra C won't be too bad. Thats a good Cooler. I heard it got good reviews
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