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Alright, I'm a nub when it comes to these things. Hdmi vs DVI. When it comes to gaming..Should my DVI be hooked in or the HDMI? I'm running a HIS IceQ Turbo H697QT2G2M Radeon HD 6970 2GB. I always thought HDMI only REALLY mattered when it comes to movies and what not.


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    Doesn't really matter. Since your monitor does not have speakers, there's no reason to use an HDMI connection. Both are digital interfaces. The only difference (aside from the connection port) is that HDMI also carries the audio signal.

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    HDMI1.4a is where it starts to differ.It's the still the same in a way but the difference is that it supports more bandwidth for 3D which a single DVI connection cannot support.
  3. There is no absolute difference, the one that differs is the card not the port. Only 'HDMI' will send sound signals if capable. But if you have a speaker it totally doesn't matter. They should bring the same performance, Same picture, only the sound.
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  5. I meant differ in terms of bandwidth which isn't related to the OP's question.DVI cannot support 3D through a single cable.
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