Brand new build pc freezes really really randomly.

Hi I am looking for an IT Dr House because I have the weirdest problem with my computer. I was always able to fix my computers in the past doesn't matter how badly things went wrong but now I am stuck.

I recently bought all the computer parts for my new computer I am building for CGI and 3d animation. Started it up and everything went fine except that it froze very randomly. I have the computer for about 2 weeks now, testing and trying a lot of things to see where the problem is. The whole screen, mouse and keyboard would freeze up and I have to manually shutdown it down. It is very randomly it can happen after 15 min since my computer started up to 8 or more hours. I have also noticed it will always freeze in 1 min to 10 min after watching flash streaming sites like youtube. All temperatures are normal and I have also played Crysis 2 and Fallout 4 on full graphics for more than 4 hours with no freeze whatsoever. I have also let my computer idle over night and sometimes the pc will be fine the next morning and sometimes not and would have frozen. I have tried a clean install, I have run memtest86 for 3 passes with no errors will run it for more passes tonight. The voltage of the ram is 1.5v and timings 9 9 9 24. I have also noticed freezing when I alt-tab from games. Please can someone figure out what is wrong with my pc. I would really appreciate it very much.

tl:dr New build pc freezes really really randomly even when idling also freezes indubitably when watching streaming flash videos.

The computer specs:

I7 3930K
Intel DX79TO motherboard
Radeon Sapphire 7950 overclock edition
16gb 4x4 1600 Corsair vengeance RAM
Corsair H80 Cpu watercooler
2tb Seagate hardrive
Windows 7 64bit

Thank you very much for any of your time and afford.
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  1. Hey there!

    Have you tried running Seatools on the hard drive? There may be an issue with the hard drive which could be causing the freezing. Google "seatools" and download and run the test. (It's a seagate product so it can be trusted).

    This will detect any errors with your hard drive.

    Also, have you installed the latest drivers for the graphics card and motherboard? It may also be worth trying a previous version of the graphics card driver. (if you're using the latest version)

    The motherboard and graphics card drivers would have come on a disc with the products, and it's pretty important these are installed :P

    (To me personally it sounds like an issue with either the hard drive or GFX card)
  2. can you tell us the size and band power supply...a lot of todays ps are junk..and can cause issue when they warm up or the system stresses them. one other thing to check is that the mb has read the memory jdec right and set the ram voltage and timing correctly. i would look under ram setting and have cpu z read the jdec for the timmings your ram uses. sometime the mb screws up and used the xmp profile (over clock) and not the stock setting of the ram. as intel only shows the chip vendor and not the dimm makers they tested in your mb i would also pull 1/2 the ram out and see if the lock up and hangs change.
  3. I have an Antec earthwatts 750v which is in Tier 2 on some psu tier list. I did remove 1/2 of the rams sticks and it still froze and then the other half and was still freezing. I ran windows in safemode and could watch youtube videos without any freezing. Usually it would freeze randomly between 1 to 10 mins watching streaming videos. What does that mean? that it's not hardware? I ran seatools all the quick scans with no errors. I also ran memtest86 last night and the whole of today. It did 6 passes and had only 11 errors. I have the latest gfx drivers installed also the ones that came with the cd. I have had no BSODs except yesterday 1 for the first time otherwise just complete froze ups. Also here are my memory cpu-z timings- , Is there anything else you guys need to know to diagnose?

    Thank you for your replies.
  4. with memtest there should be no errors. check to see what the bios set your ram speed and voltage up as. you may need to change some settings in the bios. any error with memtest is not good.
  5. I checked my BIOS ram speeds they are as follow. The ram is 1600 corsair vengeance.

    Multiplier- 10
    Speed- 1333

    Memory (V)- 1.5
    System Agent Voltage- 1.050
    I/O (V)- 1.050
    PLL (V)- 1.800
    PCH Core (V)- 1.100

    tcl- 9
    tRCD- 9
    tRP- 9
    tRASmin- 24
  6. I've put 3 of the 4 sticks one by one in and it froze every time with a single stick in. I had to watch long documentaries on youtube because it froze so damn randomly. All of the sticks can't be faulty? Maybe I should put my voltage down or raise the ram to 1600? or it might not be the ram at all? no BSOD just froze ups
  7. any ideas would be helpful
  8. I completely uninstalled my vga drivers and reinstalled them and flash streaming video seems to be working now but it still freezes very very randomly. Like remixing a picture on or playing a game. also alt-tabing from a game sometimes. might it be some other drivers that can cause complete freezing?
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