'Unplayable FPS'.

Why do some people say 30 FPS is unplayable?
30FPS isn't laggy.

10 is laggy.
20 is not laggy but slow. (in my opinion).
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  1. Opinions.

    30 is the very minimum FPS for me when playing games. I prefer above 50-60.
    30 FPS is and has never been "unplayable". BF3, and probably other games as well, run @ 30 FPS on consoles .

    It's all a matter of getting used to it. I remember playing games with 30-40 FPS on my old computer, and that was no problem back then. After getting used to this computer, 30 is really too low for me.
  2. How come?
  3. jay_nar2012 said:
    How come?

    for me there's a very noticeable difference between all of them. 30 is fine but I still think 60 is superior.
  4. For me 30FPS is playable, for some people its not some how, i thought slide shows or laggy game play was unplayable...
  5. Depends a lot on which game you're playing and in what situation you are in the game.
  6. So like 30 FPS in a racing game is good and 30 FPS in a shooter is not so good?
  7. I would say so, yes.
  8. It's always personal preference, and also what game you are playing. For me, 30 is fine for anything other than a first person game, where I prefer 40 fps+. Something else to consider is what frame-rate you are used to. For example I had a pretty low end PC, and ran my games at 30ish fps and didn't complain about any lag, but once I got my new much faster PC and was playing at 60, I noticed that when I went back to 30 fps I could feel a little choppiness which I didn't pick up when I had my old PC, when 30 was normal for me.
  9. So 60 FPS brainwashes people...
  10. If you listen to some competitive gamers out there, some swear that they can "feel" the difference between say 70-80 FPS and 120-130 FPS and that SUPER high FPS gives them an advantage. I've always called BS on that...
  11. They are getting brain washed by numbers or are on crack (no offense).
    Isn't the max the eyes can see is 60FPS?
  12. jay_nar2012 said:
    Isn't the max the eyes can see is 60FPS?

    Yes, or right at it, but their reasoning is better reaction time because the mouse movements are smoother. Riiight.... LOL
  13. They probably use those tesco (UK) value mouses.....
  14. jay_nar2012 said:
    They probably use those tesco (UK) value mouses.....

  15. jay_nar2012 said:
    Isn't the max the eyes can see is 60FPS?

    not to debate what DjDeCiBeL said, for most people defiantly.

    someone awhile ago posted a link where someone discussed fighter pilots in their training were able to distinguish changes in an image faster than 60fps. since i did not see a citation or link to any study, i took it with a grain of salt. however, in my experience as an audio engineer (might as well say retired now :p ) i do know folks can train their ears to hear frequencies most people cannot and see (pardon the pun) it relating to optical training.

    just because the conscious mind is limited to 60fps in perception doesn't mean it can't be train in increase it.
  16. I guess people who play games train them selves to notice an difference between 60FPS and 120FPS?
  17. Everything above 60 looks the same to me.

    Below 60, I can tell there is some difference for every 10 FPS.
  18. To be honest, everyone is different. I do not think you are brain washed with 60fps, but the human brain does not quite work in frames/sec either.

    Personally, I can feel fps drops as a slow down. I find its the drops that make it noticeable.

    Play some old GTA games with the fps cap. I think one was 25 and the other was 30. After a while, you do not notice how low it is(You adapt), but play a game at 60 then have it drop to 30-40 and you can just feel the drop.

    I would think consistency is better then anything else in the end.

    In the end everyone has a different limit. Many users 30fps is more then enough. And depending on the game as well(RTS/RPG games with less action do not seem to have noticeable choppiness even with 30fps, while an FPS may).
  19. 30 FPS, if its STABLE, is playable. That being said, going between 30 and 60 FPS rapidly is not. I think thats the key point here.
  20. So 30FPS with no lag spikes...
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