Need cheapest gtx 570 for water cooling.

Hi all,

I need a GTX 570 which i will water cool.
So i need the cheapest card which has no extra cost of the Air Coolers and overclocks.
Because I will install the water cooler to the card and overclock it myself.

Please advice.
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  1. It is not adviced to watercool your card except something like this
    Do not know if you can find a similar 570

    The main idea is like this to watercool and keep a good airflow on everything else
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    If I water cool the graphics card myself, will it cost me more?
    Or should I go with a Liquid cooled card as you have posted above?
    Which setup would be most optimal in price and efficiency of overclocking.
  3. Best answer 120$
    cheapest 570 330$ so around 450$ and you void your warranty ?

    cheapest 470-500$ +120$ for the block so it will be closer to the but with your warranty intact.

    So i think it's better to buy already with a block on it same money but less hassle plus you keep you warranty.
    Sure you can try buying a block and installing it but 1 mistake you will cry for 500$
    and if you would still use your block on your next gpu then you have a good deal but you never know they make different cards all the time .
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  5. that cleared it up :) tyvm
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