CF 5770's or nvidia gtx 560ti/570?

Im contemplating getting a new graphics card. As of right now im running 2x 5770's in crossfire. Would it be worth the upgrade to get a 560ti? would i notice a drastic change in gaming or would i be better off noticing a performance change only if i got the 570... i wanna know if its worth spending 250-300$ to upgrade. please let me know what i should do and why
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  1. How badly do you want to upgrade and how soon? New GPUs are coming out making the upgrade a lot more worth it. ~$300 supposedly will get you roughly like an updated GTX 580 equivalent. This isnt for a few more months though.
  2. i'm willing to wait which particular card will get me a gtx 580 equivalent for 300?
  3. I would wait, but it would be a noticeable improvement. The frames rates would stay higher on average and would never dip as low but the actual FPS wouldn't be much higher until you overclock a 560Ti then it would be worth it. But for a 560ti with a good cooler you are looking at nearly 260 dollars.
  4. i think im going to wait i just read that the new kepler nvidia gtx 660 which is priced at $320 will be equivalent to a gtx 580. this card is due out in april
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