Upgrade to Kepler?

I just finished building a system in September with a GTX 570. Now we have news of Kepler and I must admit feeling let down. Should I spend the money to upgrade my graphics card so soon after spending 350$ on a new one? Even if I do, won't it be bottlenecked by my PCIe2 motherboard and i5 2500k CPU? Anybody have any advice or words of consolation?
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  1. Sell your 570 on one of the auction sites, then take the money & put it toward the new card....
  2. Just 1 Kepler card won't be a bottle neck at 16x, at 8x it could be.
    Like clarkjd said, when Kepler comes out and you really want it, sell the gtx 570 in the forums, eBay or wherever and buy the gtx 6XX of your choice.
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