Cpu Jumping Speeds during games!

hello there, i've not long Noticed a flaw in my computer when playing games, i've been keeping a eye on what happens while playing certain games, i've done some research some other people are having the same kind of issue, but i'm not sure if theres a setting i can change within my motherboard? thats somehow for the power saving? or something of that kind

Heres a few screens showing you what i mean.

During Game

After Game

Speccy For info

Hopefully someone can help!
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  1. Fixed Images

    Wouldent let me edit
    During Game

    After Game

    Speccy For info
  2. you need to disable AMD's version of Intel's Speed Step. Your CPU is throttling and you just want it to stay at top speed while you are using it correct?
  3. Both AMD and Intel have designed their CPU's to downclock when performance is not needed. It's doing exactly what it is designed to do.
  4. Correct Dark, But not sure if my motherboard has a option for that, and Cheers Jack. i'm sure thats the situation, but if there is a option i can turn off. its only worth a try.
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