My first build: help me decide what card to get!

Hello! This is my first post here, but I am a long time reader. I am doing my first gaming build ever ( not my first build, but my last was about 8 years ago)... I'm building my comp to play the latest mmorpg's like SWTOR and Guild Wars 2. I want my comp to be able to run these two games on high/ultra graphics for many years to come. So far I have these parts picked out, i5-2500k, 8g vengence ram, 7200rpm samsung 1tb, 750w corsair psu, and a gigabyte mb... I know I want all these parts, especially because I can get a great deal on the i5 now that the ivy bridges are around the corner..

My question is this.. Between the 2gig MSI frozr ii gtx 560ti or the frozr iii 1.2g gtx 560-448 core, which one is better for me?..... I only plan on playing with 1080p, but I want to make sure I have a card that will handle games for the next 4 years (obviously on lower settings by that time!)... OR should i just wait until april with the new ivy bridge / 6xx nvidia come out!???? Im so confusedddd :o


Which card will be better? The 448 now for performance?, but the 2gig later when games require 2 gigs? is that it!?
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  1. Get the 448! 2GB is only useful if you are playing on ultra-high resolution monitor setup (usually 2 or more monitors)
  2. I heard that the 2 gigs, while slower, might future proof the computer for games that require more than 1.2g of memory in the near future. is this true?
  3. Its true if you have a more powerful card like a GTX580 or HD7950. The 560ti can't push out the textures that use more than 1.2GB though.
  4. ok cool. so what technically would be the difference between getting just the 1.0g 384 vs the 484. I'm not too technical with overclocking so I kind of just want to plug in and go... which would be best? If i taught myself how to overclock would the 484 be superior in the end?
  5. The 448 has more Shader Cores and ROP's but fewer texture units. Overall its performance is higher than the regular 560ti though in gaming and GPGPU operations.
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