Gpu+60 ssd or ssd 120

i want to upgrade my pc. i have an i7 950 with 6850 hd asus and 850w psu.i use my computer for internet browsing and gaming (mainly bf3).what is better for me? samsung 830 60gb+another 6850 hd asus for 270 euros (357 dollars) or a samsung ssd 120gb for 180euros (238 dollars) ?
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  1. well if you go for a 60gb ssd you may struggle to get all your software and games on there

    i have a 120gb ssd and can get everything on there--lowering the pagefile if you have over 4gb of ram and

    deleting hyberfil.sys and turning off system restore gains a load of space back on your ssd--with 16gb of ram this

    gained me over 30gb of space back

    cant see why some people get a smaller ssd and load their games to a mechanical D drive

    defeats the purpose of the ssd--sure windows and programs are faster but game loading times arent improved

    so personally i would go for the 120gb ssd
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