What Should I do?

I don't have a clue what to do, should I build a new pc or upgrade what I currently have or do nothing?

My Current system is -

i3 2100 3.1Ghz
Foxcon H67M-V
8gb 1333Mhz Gskill
320gb HDD
160gb HDD
XFX 6770
OCZ 500w 80+ Bronze
24x sony dvd drive

I get good frame rates on games loR war in the north, TW shogun 2, ect, about 50FPS and well over 100 on minecraft.
I find it lacks the power when multi tasking with demanding application, find its sometimes slow to log on and goes through moods when playing games e.g. 50fps to 12 fps to 40 fps.

I want a pc that can run everything at the same time and offers consistent gaming speeds.

so what components do i need to upgrade or should i just start from scratch again?

I was thinking new CPU (i5 or amd fx8120), a SSD or Hybrid and a more powerful graphics card (GTX 560) preferably Nvidia.

What do you think?
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  1. With your current build I would use preformance moniter to make sure that the CPU is the bottleneck first and go from there. Provided it is the cpu if the board supports it(May need a bios update) Look into an I5. From the specs you posted it is not a bad build just sounds like a serious bottleneck is lurking in the system. Also keep in mind some game engines do not handle mass amounts of players well as others as an exsample Rift. I can get 65-90 FPS anywhere in a zone 20 mans I get 25 in a city 16 on a HD 6870. These are all things to keep in mind while you track the system preformance. Try running it during multiple games to get that hicup and see where the problem lies.
  2. Switching to an FX would require a mobo change, and the FX isn't a very strong CPU anyway. You'd be better off with a Phenom II.

    An i5 would be a better idea, so would a graphics card. The system itself is a fine foundation. Unfortunately, too many people on these forums scream "buy an i3 buy an i3". Problem is, as you've found out, a well-balance system calls for a true quad core, not a dual core that pretends to have 4.
  3. no reason to go to the AMD route if you have an I3 already

    I would go i5 and move from there...

    and slow to log on? to the pc?
    that sounds more like a software issue
  4. You would be downgrading to go from the i3 to any FX processor imo. the 955BE/965BE are great buys but are becoming dated and they perform equal or better to FX processors.

    Right now intel is where its at for upgrading old systems.

    Ivy Bridge processors are releasing later this month so you can pick up a i5 IB for about the same price as a Sandy Bridge 2500K was at release. That and a Z77 motherboard and then think about upgrading your gpu as well.
  5. 50 to 12 fps on an MMO isn't out of the ordinary.

    Slow load times, agree with other poster about software gremlins.

    I would start with a good defrag, registry clean up, etc..... then if that doesn't help, do a fresh Windows install. Your system looks fine for those games.
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