Can wall sockets/extensions effect computer performance?

I posted about a ton of errors I'm having with the infamous ''ATI display driver has stopped responding'' every 30 seconds-2 minutes while gaming, w/ lock ups and BSOD's happening daily for weeks. I actually managed to get some gaming done today after installing a fresh copy of XP, reinstalling everything from scratch, disabling my onboard sound and using my sound card to avoid conflicts and a few other tweaks. I had a couple of freeze ups but actually managed to get some gaming done this morning. I fired the PC up again (about a hour ago) and got flawless performance, no lock ups or freezes on intensive games. Awesome.

I realized my phone was dead so stuck the charger in the same extention as my PC. None of my girlfriends stuff was in there either (TV, Laptop, her charger), as she is out. As soon as it started to charge, maybe coincidence, I got two driver problems and freezes in about a minute. So I took it out and played for another 15 minutes and got no freezes, display driver problems or anything.

Could this have a impact on the problems I've been getting? Of course I'll need to test it more - gaming with stuff in the extension and not but I don't wanna tempt fate so I've just left it as it is.
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  1. About your title, a wall socket or extension sockets wouldn't effect the performance of a computer.

    Maybe her laptop has got 'magical powers' to screw up your comp when its charging....

    Have you seen if you computer gets buggy when your girlfriend's laptop is in another socket away from the comp.
  2. Actually sounds ridiculous doesn't it? In my head it did too. But i've tried everything short of buying a whole new rig and moving house. New O.S on two different HDD's, re formatting, switching GPU + RAM, uninstalling drivers w/ driver sweeper in safe mode, re installing 5 different driver sets, cleaning slots out, using a different keyboard + mouse, playing with soundcard in or onboard sound and so on. I spent a whole Saturday in and out of safe mode with about 15 different fixes bookmarked and nothing.

    I'm gonna test some games now, then plug stuff in as I go. Might be a coincidence but....i've heard of weirder things.
  3. Like?
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