Crossfire Setup crashes with Res change?

Hello! Recently I was given two ATI cards that both work fine when run single. Today however, after receiving my CFX bridge and connecting both the cards, I've had an odd issue.
Every time I play Counter Strike : Source and change the resolution, my computer get's a quick, split-second blue screen and shuts down. I have tried using different connections on my card to no avail. I've even switched each card's slots to see if it would work when I hooked the monitor up to the other one. Still no luck.
The cards are both an ATI 3670 I believe (all programs just say 3600 series except for Kombuster, which says 3670 ). What the heck is going on here!!! :fou:
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  1. this is an issue with the drivers that was supposedly fixed. do a driver sweep of your old drivers then reinstall them. should fix it.
  2. I've gone into windows safe mode and uninstalled the drivers there. Then when I entered windows and hit the driver exe, I chose uninstall just to be sure that I was rid of the driver. Then, after rebooting, I reinstalled the video driver that I was directed to after putting in my video card's info on the AMD/ATI site. I still have this issue. What is a driver sweep? Will that make a difference rather then just manually removing the driver? :??:


    Wait, do you mean for me to install an older version of the Catalyst Control Center?
  3. Update*

    It doesn't only happen on resolution changes, but on other setting changes as well. Actually, I just joined a CSS server and it happened without me even changing any settings? It's only happening in Source games (so far) as stated before.

    I've gone and completely reinstalled Windows XP, and the issue still persists. Could it be that the newest version of CCC is the issue? It says it's compatible with the 3600 series..

    Also, it would seem that in Windowed mode, this issue doesn't occur. I would believe that that is some clue of what the issue might be?


    Crossfire seems to disable in windowed mode.
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