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I'm having a tough time with VPNing into work. I'm the network admin. I set up the Windows 2003 RRAS server. I'm finding that the remote clients have "either / or" connectivity. Once a client is connected, it either has local Internet without LAN resources OR it has the needed LAN resources but no local Internet.

I can watch continuous pings work, fail and start up again depending on the VPN connection.

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  1. By default, Windows redirects all internet requests through the VPN. To change this behavior, locate the VPN client connection, right click Properties, select the Networking tab, open TCP/IP properties, General->Advanced, and uncheck "Use default gateway on remote network".
  2. Hi Eibgrad, thanks for responding. That is what I toggle to get the either-or symptom. When I uncheck "Use default", the local client can reach the Internet but not the work LAN resources. When it IS checked, the client loses the Internet but gains the work LAN.
  3. Are both networks using different subnets (e.g., and They must.
  4. Yeah, different. Home network has Work internal network has with RRAS server handing out Maybe no route between 3.0 and 7.0?
  5. No route between 3.0 and 7.0? Sounds like a possibility.
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