Case fan suggestions

as the title says..

I'm replacing my blue LED fans for white LEDs.. i like the look better.

My case is an Antec 300 Illusion. im switching the two front 120mm blue fans to fans without lights:

and replacing the top 140mm blue fan for a white LED:

i saw some reviews for the 140mm Bitfenix with them making clicking noises.. and more negative reviews, i'm not sure if they were defective or not. so i may be searching for a different 140mm white LED fan.

are those decent 120mm fans? i just want a plain fan with no lights. OR is there a way to just disable my 2 front blue lights?? that would save money.

any and all suggestions welcome.
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    for your top fan see some of these does the front case fan are plug in a 4 pins molex and a plain fan connector see this unplug the molex and no more light from the fan
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