Unable to add a computer in a domian

Hi there..

i have configured a my desktop as a domain controller with server 2008..with dns service running on it.

when i tried adding another desktop to this domain, i get the following error message

"Troubleshooting network identificationError: This computer successfully resolved the Domain Name System (DNS) service (SRV) resource record required to locate a domain controller, but it failed to locate a domain controller for the Active Directory domain displayed in the error message.

Cause: The required A (address) resource records that map the name of the domain controller to its IP address do not exist in DNS.

Solution: Verify that the required A resource records do not exist in DNS by using the Nslookup command-line tool.

See also: To verify that A resource records exist in DNS.

Cause: The domain controller advertised in DNS may not be connected to the network or is connected to the network but is not running.

Solution: Verify connectivity and then verify that the domain controller is running.

See also: To test a TCP/IP configuration by using the ping command; DNS requirements for joining an Active Directory domain."

looking forward to get reply on this

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  1. The PC and server can ping each other?

    You've ran dcpromo on the domain controller?

    The server is set as the DNS server (
  2. hi

    yes pc and server can ping each other
    i also ran the dcpromo on DC, ya the DC has been set as DNS server and the DNS service is running

    DNS server running on DC
  3. the ip address and the preferred dns address are same, that is
    is this causing an issue?
  4. the ip address and the preferred dns address on DC are same, that is
    is this causing an issue?
  5. No... your DC should have the same IP as DNS address if it is your DNS server. That part is right.
  6. Is the DNS address on your client set to
  7. yes the dns address on my client is set as
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