Which company makes the ati 7970

Want to buy a 7970 but not sure which one to go with
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  1. Sorry totally screwed that up lol which company makes the best 7970. Ie sapphire, gigabyte.....?
  2. Sapphire is a traditional brand who work with AMD. All are good Asus , MSI,Sapphire , Gigabyte. Powercolor,HIS. My advice is to buy a video card with better cooling system.
    Something like these three 7970 :
  3. If you are looking for stock (reference design, no overclock or change in cooler) ones, I think you should go with sapphire. It's usually the one that is most reliable and the price weren't too high (they are priced good). Another alternative is XFX, it's usually as reliable as sapphire and it has double lifetime warranty, but the problem is that it's usually more expensive. But if you are getting the ones that has aftermarket cooler, you can get XFX Double D BE or Direct CU II, you can also wait for Twin Frozer III or IceQ. I personally would wait, The Twin Frozer III is usually best but very expensive and IceQ is more quiet and more price-to-performance. You decide overall.
  4. 1) sapphire cheaper price better performance.:)

    2)xfx for warranty and powerful built.:)

    3)msi twinfrozr iii for better cooling and good overclocking ability.:)
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