Which company makes the best 7970

So many choices, not sure which one to choose
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  1. I prefer powercolor, but there are other companies that offer lifetime warranty like XFX. If you do not mind triple slot go with ASUS DC2T.
  2. Are they all basically the same cards with some different options added to them? Is the quality the same? I know some companies put more fans on them but those are usually o/c'd editions right?
  3. The better cards have custom cooling, like Asus DC2T ,Sapphire Vapor-X or Flex , MSI Twin Frozr or Lightning , Gigabyte OC Editions , XFX OC Editons or Evga OC , these have better cooling and are overclocked.
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    Not sure if XFX still offer the lifetime warranty for this card. I believe it's the only brand that DOES NOT come with an active display port adapter for eyefinitiy. Other than that,they are all pretty much the same at this stage. The warranty length seems to be the only difference between the brands. The Saphire 7970 flex 6GB (leaked apparently) certainly sounds interesting for a mutli screen set up.
  5. asus dc2
    just because it has 4 displayports and 2 dvis, and a big hunking cooler
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