How much can i sell my 5770 for? &what should i upgrade to?

I have an HIS 5770 1gb model that i bought about a year ago... im looking at selling it and upgrading to a 6870 or 6950. Ive also thought about crossfire. Im not a big gamer but i feel like upgrading. My monitor resolution is 1920x1080 and im running a amd athlon ii x4 645 @3.5ghz and have a 550w ocz fatal1ty psu. I play all call of duty's bulletstorm, and might eventually try bf3 but i havent liked the last few games.

I dont really want to spend more than 200 on a new card but can if needed like for a 6950
Any input would be much apperciated.
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  1. Then buy this 560Ti is almost equal with 6950 in performance and is closer to your budget
    You can buy 6870 is a big improvement from 5770 what you have now.
  2. hd 6870 will be good and perfect for 1080p buy hd 6870 it will give u good performance boost from an hd 5770 its cheaper and one of the best card for its price and performance.:)

  3. how do the 6870 and 560ti compare 6950? Also does anyone know how much i could get for my 5770? Also will my cpu bottleneck the card? or my 8gb of ddr3 1333 ram?
  4. The HD 5770 is the same a the HD 6770.

    I have seen a HD 6770 selling for $80 with a free game. I would say you can get around $50.
  5. My self I like Nvidia. So my answer of course would be the 560. In some benchmarks the 6950 shows it to be a little bit faster and in other one's I've seen the 560's faster. It just depends on you and your prefrence. Here is a link 560 vs 6950.
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