Winchester Systems FlashSSD (Solid State Disk)

$20,200... i had to take a tripple take at that before i posted this. How fuking absurd. I was thinkning more in the price range of 2,200. But 40 MB/sec is not bad.

But for godsakes, Brother(tm) built their laptop on a SSD basis, they were kinda cheap too.
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  1. 40 meg a second isnt bad... but modern ata100/7200 rpm drives are approaching that at the fraction of the cost.
    you get two scuzi's in a raid configuration and you can smoke that for a 20th of the cost.
    definately needs to wait a few years for the technology to "mature"

    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you have created"~Darth Vader, Star wars
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