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I have an Asus Xonar DX soundcard and I can't view the Audio Centre display which is the software display used to adjust the sound card parameters.

The drivers are up to date but the display doesn't draw properly on my monitor.

The sound card comes bundled with Xonar DX Audio Centre software which is used to configure the soundcard eg. set the EQ, output (stereo, 5.1 etc). The sound card control display measures approx 16cm x 8cm on my monitor. Clicking the 'Menu' tab located at the bottom of this display "lifts" or slides up the display to reveal a second control page underneath it.

My problem is that i can only see a 3cm x 2cm section of this second page in the top left hand corner of the display. The remainder is grey and has no information other than a few more menu tabs along the bottom. This second page has all of the controls needed to configure the soundcard. The small 3x2cm block shows only a glimpse of information ... I can make out what might be a check box and a slider but that's about it.

Does anyone else have this problem or have any ideas what could be causing it and how to fix it?

I'm stuck!!!

Thanks very much for your help.

ps - I'm using Win7 64 bit, Geforce GTX 550Ti
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  1. Hi,

    I wondered if you have solved the problem. I have the exact same thing going on and have not yet found a solution.

    I use:
    Win7 Pro
    Geforce GTX 670Ti
    and the latest driver

    Hope someone can help!


  2. Hello there

    Sorry to say that I haven't solved the problem... I've tried re-installing the card and drivers to no effect.... the control panel screen is still crippled 8-/

    Ive gone back to using the stock Realtek soundcard/motherboard combo my computer shipped with... it's probably not as flash as the Asus stand-alone card but at least it works... I can get my 5.1 speakers to work and tweak the relative levels/effects of all the speakers ... so much for upgrading my computer.

    I just wish there wasn't a brand spanking new soundcard sitting idle in my computer just collecting dust



    ps - if you manage to solve it, can you please let me know? Thankyou!!
  3. I am hoping you find the answer, I have had this issue since I installed mine as well. It is quite upsetting.
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