How to independently power multiple internal hardrives

I have a problem. I have a few 500gb+ 3,5" sata drives (have many but only wanted to use 6 for this build) and there just sitting around so i decided to take one of my old systems and make a DIY NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. I put everything in the case when i realised i didnt have a single psu with enough SATA power conectors to connect al of my drives. I have a couple of old 350w PSUs lying around that both have connectors on them they both have 2 connectors each, I was wondering weather i would be able to cut the sata power connectors off the old PSUs and somehow wire up and an independant power supply to the hardrives that you just plug into a wall socket i don reall wanna have to buy anything other cables adapters etc. as i wanted to do this with parts that i have around my home i have alot of old chargers and adaptors and all sorts lying around im sure i could put to good use any help would be appreciated
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  1. Have you looked at splitting one or more existing cables?
  2. You could get an extension lead and use all those psus and 'jump start' some of them with a paper clip.
  3. wot do you mean jump start with paper clip, i thought the PSU had to be connected to a Motherboard to be able to put out power to other devices
  4. molex to sata power adapter
  5. cut the wiring with the sata connecors ont hem off the old power supply and then wire it into the existing (Provided the existing PSU has enough wattage to start up 6 drives plus run the motherbd. {figure 100w spinup for the drives})
    I slip some shrinktubing over the wiring and slide it back out of the way then wrap the add in wire around the existing wire and solder it. Then slip the shrinktubing into place and use the soldering iron to shrink it up.

    Be sure not to mismatch the wiring!! I take no responsibility if you torch your house down. LoL
  6. no power supply would not be powerful enough its only 350w. but i have this old 12 volt wall adapter its says 4.5A im thinking of cuting the old sata connectors off as long as possible and just hardwire them all to the adapter im sure this wold work as all the drives are between 0.5A and 1.0A the only problem i can think of is on the sata connectors there is an orange wire and on the side of the power supply it says orange is 5Volt im not sure how the connection would go if i was to somehow hook it up to the wall adapter i know to connect the red and yellow on the sata connector to the red on the wall adapter, and the same with the black on the sata connector and black on the adapter but what about the orange wire where do i connect it.
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