New Build, 700$ MMO gaming computer

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    heres a $20 cheaper gtx 560

    also you probably want to get a minimum of a i5-2500k. Even with this processor, some people were complaining about lag when doing 40-50+ people raids on World of warcraft.
  2. Thank you
    I am more of a PvPer, 10 man BGs or 3v3s, nothing too extreme like 40 man raids.
    I will probably take the i5-2500k considering I will end up in crazy world pvp and I would like to enjoy it lag-free.

    Also is the Power Supply set for the i5-2500k?
  3. Get it for best loads, it will be blazing fast.
  4. I might consider an SSD since Swtor loading screens take so long that they would add a new content patch by the time im done loading.
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