Frame Rate dramatic drop on a good System.

I have a FPS problem. I play Starcraft2 on low settings with these specs
EVGA GTX 570 nvidia
FX 8120 8 core 3.1GHz
8gs of Ram.
MSI 970-G45 MoBo.

on low settings I get 215+ FPS. but then it drops down over a 5-10 min period to 9-30 FPS. and thats in other games too like BF3, Skyrim... etc.. PLEASE help I have no idea whats wrong. I thought it might be a overheating problem but my video card and processor are running fine temps. I removed thermal paste on my CPU and reapplied just encase, and nothing!
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  1. WHich is your PSU? GTX 570 is a very power consuming card. Are you having a 500W PSU?
  2. Can you list the temperatures of your CPU and GPU? I'm still concerned with those even if you say you have reasonable temperatures.

    Also, are you running updated drivers?
  3. My Power supply is 800watts. CPU temp 36-42 C*. GPU temp 52-72c* my driver right now is 304.79
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