Eyefinity mini display port adaptor

im wanting to setup my new 6950 to run 3 monitors in eyefinity

i have 2x dvis 1x hdmi and 2x mini display ports

i have an male active display adapter to dvi female adapter

now i guess i need a mini display port (male) adaptor to a regular display port female
can someone direct me towards a cheap one.
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  1. I think it would be easiest to use the config given by AMD themselves

    An you already seem to have all the adapters that are required.
    The Male-Female thing gets very confusing, I would advise you to stick to the standard terminology and decipher the Male-Female connectors yourself, since the cards (GPUs) always have a standard output port.

    The Active display ports/adapters are best bought from the card manufacturer, since they are the only ones that can guarantee their working, most display ports out there will always have the small text written on them, that they have found that these DP's have had problems with ATI cards.
  2. yeah the problem is that ati had to go from standard displayports to mini displayports
  3. Read through this article first
    We'll then choose the right Mini-DP adapter that'll work with your setup.

    Here is the final list of all the adapter certified/verified by AMD themselves with their model numbers and where you could buy them from.
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