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Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT 512 MB DDR3 Question?

Okay, i have a Foxconn G33M02 Motherboard that has a PCI Express X16 slot. I just bought a new 550 Watt Power supply with the six pin connector for the card (Which is a Nvidia Geforce 9600 Gt PCI Express 2.0 X16 Card) When i go to plug it in, i get no display and one beep (The one beep is normal, the no display is not), the CPU fan seems to pick up alot of speed (and i can hear the difference from when the card isn't in to when its in the motherboard). Any ideas as to why this is happening?

I read something online that said they are backwards compatible but i don't know if this board is having issues with this card or if this card is defective. Is there any ways around this or do i need to buy a new board or is my Graphics card crap?

Thanks for your time,

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  1. Plug the monitor into the onboard VGA output (IGP) then boot the rig and boot into BIOS, change the Display Setting to PCIe first.
    Save and exit.
    Unplug the monitor from the IGP and put it onto the port of the 9600GT.
    Reboot and see if it works. :)
  2. I did that in the beginning, I even tried updating the bios.... none of it worked.
  3. Would suggest you went and checked it once again, to confirm it is still in the same order....
  4. Here is the order of things that show up:

    Init Display First [PCI Slot]
    Video Memory Size [ 8 MB]
    DVMT Mode [ DVMT ]
    DVMT/Fixed Memory Size [128MB]

    Like i said above, everything seems to boot properly, one beep, lights are on, HD activity,etc. No Display though. The fan on the card is spinning, etc. The weird thing is when i plug in the card, the board seems to get more power from the Power Supply because all the fans speed up and the lights on the board seem brighter.
  5. OK, down to basics now...
    Reset the CMOS.
    Reseat the GPU make sure the PCIe Power is connected to it and also the 4 Pin 12 ATX Power cable is connected to the Mobo....
    Boot Up, with the Monitor connected to the GPU.
    If you get a display good, if not, then while the rig is on, remove the monitor cable (VGA/DSUB) and plug it into the IGP see if the screen comes on.
  6. Okay, i just did everything u said. None of it worked. When i plugged it into the IGP, display still did not pop on, it only pops on when the Graphics card is not in the board. F.Y.I thanks for your help with all this.
  7. Well, then it is safe to say that the Mobo's PCIe x 16 Slot is not compatible with the Nvidia PCIe 2.0 x 16 Card.... :(
  8. How about trying to update the BIOS?
  9. I did that too, earlier. One of the first things i did.
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    Ok, then it is safe to conclude .....
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  12. So its not my motherboard, its the card... GREAT!! lol, thanks.
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