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Hey, You guys ever feel the forum live feed is filled with the same questions? (Free drivers, Is my PSU enough, Can i have a free password cracking tool)

This isn't a rant, i just find it fascinating. =P
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  1. Sure I do. But not enough to build a conspiracy theory on it. Yet.

    I'd be interested, why anyone (in his right mind) would take the trouble to register to the forum, just to make absolutely no effort to explain what he needs.
    An example:
    Subject: "Please!!! Urgent!!!"
    Message: "web comdriver"

    Bad English is not a problem for me, I bet I myself committed a fair amount of crimes against the language too, but how can a human being be as lazy as that... And it's against their own interest.

    And when I ask to give some details, there's no answer...

    It is strange indeed.

    But who would benefit from creating garbage threads... Hmm... maybe some spammers whose account is being deleted again and again, and they become mad, so they want revenge?

    On the other hand, I'm always trying to "profile" the question. Username - sometimes indicates Arabic, Indian, maybe works with a dictionary... . Age - maybe it's a 10 year old (ever seen those I have better computer than my mate threads?;-))...

    Oh well, as the old adage says: on the Internet, noone knows that you're a dog.
  2. Yeah and *FREE* drivers, where does that come from...


    although... there are thousands of websites, which I avoid as much as I can, maybe some of them are charging for downloads ?!

    Well, nothing is black and white, some drivers are really challenging to dig up, and it's a good feeling, when I go the extra mile, knowing that the original poster just wouldn't stand a chance to dig up what I can.

    Not that I'm so smart, to finish the thought with another proverb: "Among the blind the one-eyed man is king". :P
  3. I like that saying "Among the blind the one-eyed man is king". I feel like google is less well known than i thought, the majority of drivers i find from the first link in a google search, i don't think TH should be the first line of defense for a question like that. =P

  4. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    The best source of drivers is but first you should take the details from Device Manager>{device}>Properties>Details tab>HardwareIDs list.

    First, you look for the four characters following VEN for Vendor then the four after DEV for Device and input them at that website and follow the trail to the maker's own site - far safer than any dodgy download dump and totally free.

  5. have you followed that link saga?

    also what you think of this idea.
  6. 13thmonkey said:
    have you followed that link saga?

    also what you think of this idea.

    Oops, sorry folks - typo now corrected. I've been following that thread. I think e Hello syndrome is a Forum Homepage problem. As to non-returning posters, we'll never eliminate them.

  7. I agree they won't be eliminated, but that link may actually be a part of the solution.
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