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Where I live, the GTX 560 ti is not available any more, and the retailers are again not very sure of whether they are coming any time soon. So, I've decided to upgrade using these two options. Despite owning an ATI RADEON for most of my gaming stint (HD 4850), the card is ageing rather rapidly now, and shall probably be heading for a rather comfortable demise soon. So, my question to you guys is:

1. How much of a tangible, real-world difference would the GTX 560 (non-ti) muster over the ludicrously-named GTX 550ti?

2. I could, of course go for the GTX 460 1Gb, or the HD 6850/6870 too, but I'm currently prejudiced in favor of the current generation NVIDIA cards. In case I do get a GTX 460, woudl it last me for some time, considering I will strictly not violate my native resolution (1680 X 1020)?

Thanks for the assistance, guys. As Yoda would say, Much appreciated, this effort is.
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  1. 560 non Ti is much better than 550Ti . Even 6850 is better than 550Ti.
    Ill buy 560 or 6870.
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    gtx 560 will be lot more better in performance then gtx can also get hd 6870 for cheaper price and good performance both gtx 560 and hd 6870 is on pair.hd 6870 uses less power it performs good in higher resolution.:)
  3. sosofm said:
    560 non Ti is much better than 550Ti . Even 6850 is better than 550Ti.
    Ill buy 560 or 6870.

  4. Get a 560 non ti for whatever reason (to a 550 ti), I also don't understand on how you said 560 ti is not available anymore, because it's still lots of them are available. However You can get the same performance of a 560 in usually a cheaper price by a 6870.
  5. It probably is some service-line issue, or a profit-margin debacle for outlets over here, and as a result of this, (only over here, I reiterate) the 560 Ti models are never in stock. However, I did manage to muster up enough resources for an MSI HD 6950 2GB, which i think would be able to give the hallowed 560 Ti a run for its money, if not a thumping vanquish. However, I still have two questions.

    1. In my earlier card (hd 4850) NFS:Undercover ran horrendously, and stuttered worse than a slide-show. I updated all my ATI drivers, uninstalled old ones and re-installed old ones and it still did not get better. Same thing happened with NFS: Carbon, of all things. The same DVD ran fine in my friend's machine, and he was using a 4670 OC'ed. (note: every other game ran perfectly in my older card, including Crysis 2). I'm afraid if I get an HD 6950 2GB, it might show problems in NFS titles.

    2. I have a Corsair 600 W PSU, (this one)

    Would this be enough?

    Thanks in advance, guys. Lifesavers, you are.
  6. Yup that psu is good , grab the 6950 and enjoy its the next best thing to a 560ti
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