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Hi guys! need some advice, i have a p5g41t-m lx3 mobo, I'm planning to put a cpu cooler from deepcool which is the Ice Blade Pro or Killer Whale, is it possible to use it without any issues with my ram's? Any thoughts. Thanks!
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  1. No, that cooler should not get in the way of your ram
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    the killer whale shouldn't have any problems with ram, however you might run into problems with the ice blade pro if you are using ram with large heatsinks such as corsairs vengeance ram.
  3. im using kingston kvr1333d3n9/4g x2, low profile. should i use killer whale to provide cooling to the rams as well?
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  5. Planning to get this Ice Blade Pro.
    Will i have an issue with my rams?
    Please advice, thanks!

    my rig:
    ram: corsair vengeance
    mobo: msi h97 gaming 3
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