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New Gaming Build GPU Decision

Currently I've got everything for a new build except for a GPU. I'm weighing option between the 7950/7970, with my selected PSU size would I be better off going w/ one over the other, with a crossfire option in the future?

Here's what I'm sitting on for my new build:

i5 2500k
2x4GB Corsair Vengence DDR3
Corsair HX750 PSU
Samsung 830 SSD
WD Caviar Black HD
Corsair H100
Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste
ASUS Optical Drive
Corsair 650D Case
Win7 64bit

I will be running this build at 1920x1080 playing WoW, BF3 etc.
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  1. Your PSU can handlle two 7970 from this benchmark
  2. 750w PSU is 7970 CF minimum power requirements. You would not be able to overclock or have more than 1 HDD/SDD. But it would be one smokin system though!
  3. Actually you can do 2 7970 but you don't have that much headroom later on. 2 7950 is a lot better though
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    hd 7950 will be ok and can do gaming and other things quite brilliantly with your resolution no need to buy 2x7950 it may be overkill for 1080p it will be better to buy cheaper hd 7950 and after some years crossfire.:)
  5. totally agree, unless you have a 2560x1600 monitor, a single 7950 or 7970 is more than enough
  6. Sounds like majority is favoring the 7950 at my resolution, with the option to crossfire years down the line. If I were ever to add a multi-monitor set up with my psu size, the crossfired 50s will still prevail over a single 70 I'm assuming (single 70 meaning no crossfire due to psu limit)? Also, if the time ever comes to add a second, with an OC'd cpu and gpus, will I still be solid with my 750w psu?

    Thanks everyone for the fast responses, I appreciate the help.
  7. yes that psu is good and can handle 2 hd 7950 and both will work overclock gpu and cpu.:)
  8. Excellent, thanks again!
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  10. ur welcome:)
  11. but it will be better to first get an single card and after some time crossfire
  12. Agreed, no need to spend the money at the price they are at, and the resolution I'm running. My follow up question was more for future reference :)
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