Sharing ethernet with 2 operating systems

Hi Guys,
I have a PC with 2 hard drives. One has windows XP home and the other has windows 7 Pro installed. It is a dual boot system with windows 7 as the default.
My Router is a speedtouch ST 580. I am connected via LAN cable into the ethernet port of my PC ( Atheros L2 Fast ethernet controller) on an Asus motherboard.
Everything works fine on the Windows 7 drive , i have internet.
The Xp drive does not have internet, however, a message pops up saying "An ethernet cable is unplugged".
I never had a problem on the Xp drive until i installed Windows 7.
I think my router connects over DHCP and none of the systems have a fixed IP.
My question is how to get both systems running with internet.
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  1. What does your network adapter look like in device manager?
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