Upgarding cpu, need help with water/air cooling!

Hey Guys,

Looking to buy at z77 Sabertooth 1155pin mobo with the i7-3770k CPU.
However, down the track, i am looking to overclock (when i get more research and information done as i will be a newb in doing it)

So with that said, ive had a looking at afew cooling solutions.

I have a Corsair 600t Graphite case, and was thinking either using
- corsair h60 or h80, however, i dont know which one will be better?

Remember im not the best at o/c so i probably wont be able to max out my clock, however i am aware apparently the 3770k runs a little hotter?

Any suggestions will help me alot in deciding which coolant can be used on that mobo and weather they are good choices or not?

Also i have a 850w Corsair TX PowerSup, should be enough to get this thing working? im running sli 560's CD drive, ssd and 2tb drive.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. The H60 and the H80.... as a matter of fact any of the Corsair LCC are factory sealed loops. There is no question of you needing to add any sort of coolant to them.
    The H80 & the H100 would be good choices if you want to go the "Factory" or Simple Water cooling way.
    Otherwise they have Air Coolers out there that perform equally well.
  2. i was reviewing both the h80 and h100 now.
    i think id be upset witht he h100 cause the top of my case has a mesh filter which id have to remove to add both fans, where as with the h80, can add both, and still have my 200mm fan running forn the top for additional cooling.

    i think the h80 would be a better solution, however, how much power would need to be useD?
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    Your PSU can easily run the parts you have listed. As for the liquid cooling, the Corsair H80 and H100 are excellent coolers. The H80 will be the easiest to install in your case and will have no problem keeping an overclocked processor at reasonable temperatures.
  4. since im a newb at o/cing, what would be resonable temps? From my reading, i think anything that making the mobo or cpu run hotter then 72degrees celcius is way too hot?
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  6. also do you have any ideas on what are good RAM sticks to use with the sabertooth z77?

    i cant find which ones are ideal for it anywhere :(
  7. Check the Sabertooth QVL.
  8. qvl - quality vendor list?

    jesus how did i miss that ?

    Drops head*
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