Computer won't POST - is the CPU fried?

After plugging a second hard drive into a functional computer, said computer no longer POSTs or shows anything on my screen. I have tried clearing my CMOS by removing both the battery and my jumper to no avail. I have switched my video card and cables, and reseated my RAM. My devices are powered, but nothing shows, and the operating system does not start as my keyboard can not switch function modes (number lock/capital lock, etc.)

Is it possible that I have fried my computer or another component via static shock? I always touch my hands to metal before handling components, of course, but my television set has an issue with static electricity (though it works with other computers with absolutely no issue).
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  1. As the hard drive is the last thing you have installed does the computer work correctly if you remove the second hard drive from the system. If you have not tried it that would be the first place to start with the last thing you installed.
  2. it it was a sata drive take a look at both the sata data and power easy to snap/bend pins. if you bent the power pins and it shorting out the ps not going to power on..(dead short protection). also check to see if any wires been cut or sliced. a lot of times a wire will get in or under the case door and be sliced. (also see if a friend had another power supply...may have been bad luck that adding a new drive may have been to much for a cheap power supply.). if you have a local micro center see if they can use a power supply tester and see if it the power supply. one other thing to do is wait till you can see inside the pc real well and see if all the power connection and case connection are still fine. you may have pulled out one of the case headers or the 24 or 4/8 pin atx power. also check that your video card power plug still in all the way.
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