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Okay, I have a Msi 6770 with no crossfire support. I'm getting 2 brand new Gigabyte 5770s(GV-R577UD-1G) with crossfire support for around 100USD!!

But I'm worried about the issues with crossfire. For older games, I'll disable one card. Not a big problem I guess.

1. But are the latest games running fine on 5770 crossfire?
2. Any problem with this particular model GV-R577UD-1G?
3. Any problem with the 5 series? and also crossfire in 5 series?

I have my exams, so I'll be keeping the cards at rest for about a month. After that, I'll use them with an upgraded PSU, mobo, cpu, ram, case, etc. I'll decide the new confg. accordingly, so the heating issues and power issues will be resolved. All I'm worried about if the games work perfectly fine or not.

4. Should I go for crossfire? Is it a hassle?

I specifically won't like games not working because of silly crossfire issues. I don't play all games. I like the crysis, gta, POP, splinter cell, FIFA and hitman, nfs and some similar series.

5. Any pirticular problem with FIFA 11 and 12? I play these a lot.

Abhinav :D
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  1. in my opinion the single hd 6870 will be better option to get instead of hd 5770 cf.hd 5770 cf will give better performance then that but it will be good to get an single powerful card for cheaper price and after sometime crossfire.:)
  2. Yes do what sunnk said, get a 6870, because you'll leave this kind of hassles and be happy after :).
  3. No point in crossfire until you have higher end cards to crossfire to save money because x2 6850 ($300) is about the same as a GTX 580/7950 ($500).
  4. But stiil, I've got nothing to lose. See, I can sell the 6770 for about 60USD. And get the 2 5770s for 100USD. What I pay, 40$. So by paying 40$ extra, I get the double the GPU power I have right now. And even if I don't like the setup, I can sell one 5770 and keep one. So I'll be again with a 6770. Coz 5770 and 6770 perform the same...

    And I'll also get to know if crossfire is any good or not coz it'll be my first eperience with it. Till now, I've only read about it.. What do you say?
  5. For $100 2x 5770 is a deal you would be dumb to pass on and they will perform allot better than 1 6870 Most people will say get one card and most people are wrong cause for $100 you will be BI WINNG
  6. Went with 5770 Crossfire for now. Let's see what happens next.
    Thanks for replying guys. :)
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